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As an artist , I have worked with many schools and groups as an arts educator. While working for aspex gallery, Portsmouth, I worked with children from St Georges Beneficial School, running 'Sugarcubes' Art Club in the gallery and at their school.

Aspex Visual Arts Trust:


Project Coordinator – Participation:

I have extensive experience of working in diverse arts projects, which were closely linked to the varied work within the contemporary exhibitions at aspex, from arranging ‘Family Fun Days’, running mobile art workshops at children’s music festivals (such as Butserfest for young people aged 14yrs to 19yrs at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park), designing bespoke workshops for Deaf teenagers, running weekend children’s art clubs (such as Mini-Makers which is an art club run on Saturdays for children aged up to 8 years), to taking part in EU funded research projects such as Interreg.


Working as part of the Participation Team at aspex, I developed aspex’s Gallery Education Programme. I provided administrative support for the programme (including writing evaluation reports, budget monitoring and researching legacy funding) I wrote proposals for projects in partnership with Local Authorities and other key strategic partners, fundraised for pilot projects and also continuation and legacy funding. I have experience of planning and managing budgets, training volunteers, mentoring interns and work experience placements. I was responsible for building on, and maintaining creative links with local schools in Portsmouth by arranging school gallery visits and ‘Arts Week’s.


In particular, I worked with Arundel Court Infant School for a period of 3 years, who had their Arts Week with aspex. Each child from Reception, Nursery (Foundation), years 1, 2 and 3 (Key Stage 1) was able to visit the gallery and experience contemporary art. By visiting each year they have also developed a meaningful relationship with the gallery, seeing and experiencing different artists and exhibitions. I used their activity with aspex as a school-marketing case study for cross-curricular opportunities, which was sent to all Primary schools in Portsmouth. The Arundel Court teachers have a keen interest in contemporary art and also use the gallery as a resource for professional development, having master-classes with visiting artists and workshops, sampling art materials and techniques for the classroom such as screen-printing.







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